Friday, May 1, 2009

Clapotis revisited

In my post-blanket spring knitting, along with the baby dresses, I've also returned to working on my clapotis. I'm making this out of recycled silk yarn - the kind that is made from the ends left over from weaving saris. My college roommate gave me several balls of this yarn awhile back and I thought a clapotis would be a good use of it. The project had to go on hold when I ran out of the gift yarn. I had enough projects on the go that I hadn't been looking very hard for more of it for several years. Right after I finished Niece S's blanket, I saw some recycled silk on sale at the Rain Forest Site, so I snagged three skiens right away. I enjoy the random changes in this yarn -- thickness as well as color. Sometimes it twists back on itself and gets difficult, and I really have to work at the stitches to get them to drop all the way down. But generally this yarn keeps me amused.

The clapotis is going to be very large. It's already very large, and I've only dropped six stitches so far. I'm going to need far more than the three additional skiens I just bought. I'm already feeling that at some point I'll need to make another clapotis out of a lighter-weight yarn. Anyhow. It's nice to come back to this. Here's one more picture that the husband thought I should include because it's "artistic and sh*t."

I figure that on the occasions when he pays enough attention to the knitting and/or blogging to make a suggestion, I should encourage him.