Friday, February 20, 2009

Hats and Blankets

Today we have a picture post. The pictures are all very blurry, but I figure blurry pictures are better than no pictures. The easiest way for me to get pictures for the blog is via my friend Matt's cell phone camera. And it's still one month to go until the Equinox so there's not a lot of light after I get home from work. Having disparaged these photos already, I will now show them to you:

First, Pat models his new hat. Voila the husband:

It's slightly large, but that was mostly on purpose so he can fold the edge up nice and high for extra thickness, and completely cover the back of his neck.

Next, the Skull Beanie for my brother:

It'll be in the next College Care Package. He's already looked at it on the Polar Knit website and seems pretty jazzed about it.

Now for the big news. ALL the squares for Rylee's blanket have been attached to each other!

It takes up about half of the dining room table. I took the picture of the back because it's the side that will be getting all my attention for quite a while. I calculated that there are more than 500 ends to weave in. This will be my Knit Night task for awhile, so it won't seem so very boring. Here's another shot of allllll the ends.

I don't hate weaving in ends like I know some knitters do, but they are definitely not my favorite thing about this craft.

Finally, with Rylee's blanket entering the final stages, the strips of Sofia's blanket have become my lunch hour and bus knitting.

I think I'm entertaining the bus drivers as they watch my colors change day to day. I hope so.

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