Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yarn Along

This week, a finished hat and a new book.
I finished the leftover sock yarn hat for Lil One. It actually stays on her head! She sometimes even puts it on herself. Major win. It's a simple roll-brim stockinette hat. After decreasing down to four stitches around I did a few inches of i-cord and tied it in a knot. I might still have enough of this yarn left for Lil One socks.
On the husband's recommendation, I have started a new book, Insomnia by Stephen King. He claims it won't make me afraid of any more previously innocuous objects (like mirrors at night, thanks Lisey's Story). So far so good.
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  1. Happy colors in that hat!! No wonder she loves it!!! (OOOOOO Stephen King! I admire his talent, but he SCARES me!!! Good luck!)

  2. What a perfect winter hat!


  3. What a sweet little hat - love the colours! :)