Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas Cozy

After the Spectra scarf and all the stockings, the next major knitted Christmas gift was a tea cozy for my mom and step-dad. They drink tea all the time and their old cozy was pretty stained. I had been planning on making them a new one for a while, and sometime in mid-December decided it was finally time. Here it is, already at work keeping our Christmas morning tea warm.
No matter how I photograph it, this yarn looks obnoxiously, glowingly red, but it isn't really. Just a nice bright red from Liberty Wool. It matches the kitchen in their new-ish house (moved in less than two years ago is still new, right?). The pattern was designed by Diana Foster, and is in the book One-Skein Wonders 101 Yarn-Shop Favorites. I did NOT knit the inside layer; I have no idea how I managed to finish it on time as it was. I think it might really benefit from being double-layered, though, so I may steal it back for a few days and add the layer.

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