Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yarn Along - Striped Blanket

The Striped Buckeye Baby Blanket continues. All of my remaining grey yarn is in the picture above. My LYS has ordered more. While I should be avoiding any delays on this project, I'm actually excited that I may get to knit on something else for a few days while waiting for the yarn to arrive. I know I'm ready to be done with something when I start making detailed mental lists of what I'll knit next, which I have been doing today. I think I'm only about 40 stripes and a 3-inch border away from having a square blanket.

For month two of our bookclub the husband and I are reading Stephen King's The Stand. We're listening to it on audiobook, and we chose to go with the expanded version. It looks in the picture like we're almost half done, but that would be almost half done with Part 2 of 6. I'm really enjoying the book, even though it had me feeling that every cough might mean my death. I really enjoy Stephen King's books when I can bring myself to read them. I'm also really enjoying the new bookclub. I think this month's meeting will be to go to the Hunger Games movie together.

Please check out all the great knitting (and crochet) and books over at Ginny's Yarn Along. I've been loving all the cool projects and blogs that gather there weekly.


  1. Checking in from Yarn Along! I've never had the courage to brave Stephen King... enough anxiety as it is! lol! I really like the red and gray. I'm planning a "someday" project with orange and gray. Fun combinations that I'd never think of on my own, it was my cousin's idea but it's cool mixing those warm, bright colors with the "dreary" ones, it really makes it sort of city-chic.

  2. Thanks! I'm not sure I'd have come up with this combination on my own either. Right now I'm into making baby blankets in non-baby colors, so I let this one be dictated by the school colors of the family's favorite team.
    And with Stephen King it really helps to have someone familiar with his books make suggestions. He's written so much that some of it isn't terrifying. :-P