Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yarn Along - First 2013 Stocking

Joining Ginny's Yarn Along again.  Check out lots of knitting and reading at her blog.

I'm getting started on the first of the Christmas Stockings for 2013.  I'll have three or four to do, so I'd like to have the first one done by the end of March.  Deep in the tangle of intarsia, but moving along well.

I've finished the March washcloth, but can't find it now.  When Niece K was over for an afternoon this week, she played with some of the knitted things that had been living on the coffee table.  I have no idea where they got to in the course of that.  They are around somewhere, but I haven't been able to find them yet.

For reading, I'm still on Turn of the Screw via Craftlit.  It's a very interesting story.  I'm not at all accustomed to having a narrator quite this unreliable.


  1. I did the same thing last year with our stockings. At first it seemed odd knitting stockings in the summer but alas, a rainy summer, so it wasn't so odd after-all.
    My needles weren't quite so tiny though! I can't wait to see the finished products!

  2. very cute indeed. feels very funny to see christmas knitting in march :D good to have a head start though!

  3. It does feel a bit odd doing Christmas knitting now, but I know it will feel so very good in November. The needles aren't actually so tiny. These stockings are done in worsted weight on US size 8s. It makes a very large display stocking, not at all the size for wearing. :)