Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Knitting Blog

Welcome to my new blog. I'm not a very techie person (e.g. I do not own and do not want to own a cell phone) but I'd like to be more involved in the wonderful and expansive online community of knitters, and I figured a blog is a good way to start. I have also just asked for a Ravelry invitation and am excited to start organizing my stash and projects with that reportedly great resource.

About me:
I've been knitting for almost five years now. I live in small town Ohio with my husband and cats. Through divorces and marriages I have 23 brothers and sisters, and they are starting to supply me with lots of nieces and nephews for whom to knit.

Recent projects:
**The 2008 Christmas knitting included my first grown-up sweater (I've done quite a few baby layette sweaters). This sweater was Marjorie from the Spring '08 issue of Knitty. It was done in a lovely blue shade of Frog Tree Alpaca and was for my mother. I was able to completely surprise her, which is quite an accomplishment when giving things to my mom. (I was able to get the measurements right by taking them from a sweater I knew fit her well)
**Also for this Christmas was Doddy, from the Winter '07 issue of Knitty, for Nephew Vinson. I made this rainbow colored and really enjoyed the seamless three-dimensional knitting.
**I also made several cotton washcloths, I think it was only nine this year. These were all Ballband or Nine Patch patterns from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

Upcoming Projects:
I try to make blankets for the nephews and nieces for their first birthdays and Nephew Rylee and Niece Sofia will have blankets due this spring. Then I'll have layette sets to do for the two forthcoming nieces. After that I hope to make myself some socks, maybe finish my clapotis, and do another grown-up sweater for next Christmas.

So that's a quick introduction to me and my knitting. I don't have a digital camera yet, but I'll do my best to get access to one soon so I can put pictures on the blog.
Happy New Year!

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