Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sweater Pictures

For your viewing pleasure, a few pictures of the sweater I made for my mom for Christmas. This was my first grown-up sized sweater. Marjorie pattern from Knitty.

And a close up of the cabled parts:

This sweater turned out so well. I managed to completely surprise my mom, which is very unusual. She and I started an exercise program last year that has you record your measurements, so that weight loss isn't the only only way to see progress. So I took her measurements from that and double-checked them against a sweater that fits her well, and is of a similar style.

I love the Frog Tree 100% alpaca yarn I used for this. A small yarn miracle occurred during this project. I bought the yarn back in about May when my LYS was having a big sale. There was a lot of math and probably a little too much estimation used to determine how many balls to buy. So in November I was about to run out with about 1/3 of a sleeve and the collar left to go. I was at a Knit Night at the LYS when it finally became clear that there was no way I had enough, and one of the employees found another ball not only of the same color, but from the same dye lot! A definite little yarn miracle for this sweater. I'll be more careful next time I buy yarn for a big project, that's for sure!

This sweater came out SO well and was a thoroughly encouraging project. I'm looking forward to getting through this spring's baby knitting so I can start on next Christmas' sweater.


  1. Hi Genevieve!

    I work at the Support Desk, and Pat pointed me toward your blog because I'm a beginning knitter (as of Friday!) I absolutely love this sweater!


  2. Hello Jenny!
    Welcome to the world of knitting! Are you learning from someone or teaching yourself? I know you work non-8-to-5 hours, but if you ever want to get together at an almost-lunch hour time to knit, just let me know.
    I love this sweater too! I was so pleased it came out so well.

  3. Hi Genevieve,

    I am teaching myself from online videos and articles. My beginner's scarf is getting very long now. I would love to get together for knitting sometime. I'm in the process of moving right now, but I'll get back in touch after I'm settled in.